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State Library Highlights Adoption of Homosaurus
The State Library of Oregon is pleased to highlight its adoption of Homosaurus, an international database of LGBTQ+ terms, as a means of enhancing catalog records. This database acts as a companion to broad subject term vocabularies, such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). Using this database increases the discoverability of LGBTQ+ records in our collections and makes them more accessible to digital audiences everywhere.
Below are some examples of records in our catalog that have been enhanced based on information from Homosaurus:
Date Title LCSH Homosaurus
2023 Supporting LGBTQ2SIA+ students in Oregon Sexual minority students LGBTQ+ youth
2008 Registering births under Oregon's domestic partnership law: fast facts Same-sex parents Domestic partnerships
LGBTQ+ parents
1988 Living the spirit: a gay American Indian anthology Indian gays
Indian lesbians Indigenous LGBTQ+ people
Native American LGBTQ+ people

The State Library is here to support any Oregon libraries who have questions or are looking to incorporate Homosaurus into their collections.
For any questions, please contact Heather Pitts at


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