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Governor Kate Brown Applauds Electric Vehicles Milestone
Oregon recently hit the halfway mark toward its goal of 50K registered EVs by 2020
Governor Kate Brown today applauded Oregonians on reaching the halfway point of the state’s goal to reduce carbon emissions through adoption of 50,000 electric vehicles registered by 2020, which she outlined via executive order in November 2017. As of the first of this month, Oregon had 26,218 registered EVs, from plug-in hybrids to all-electric models. “Our changing climate demands that we meet our carbon reduction goals, and we know that transitioning away from fossil fuels through the use of electric vehicles will help us get there,” said Governor Brown. “The transportation sector, which accounts for almost 40 percent of Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions, is ripe for innovation. EVs represent an enormous opportunity to join the vanguard while making an impact at a statewide level, and I am so pleased to see that we are on our way.” More information on progress on the goal and programs that support it can be found here.

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