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Home Health Agency

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Health Screen Testing (HST) Permit

Permits the performance of specific laboratory tests for health screening without a clinicians order (mall testing). Tests included are blood hemoglobin, packed red cell volume, total cholesterol, blood glucose, blood in feces, human chorionic gonadatropin, high density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein cholesterol by calculation.

Environmental Health Specialist

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Drug Outlet, Community Health Clinic

A Community Health Clinic Drug Outlet registration replaces a Family Planning or County Health Drug Outlet registration. A legend or non-prescription drug may be dispensed to a client for the purpose of birth control, caries prevention, the treatment of amenorrhea, the treatment of a communicable disease, hormone deficiencies, urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases by a practitioner who has been given dispensing privileges by their licensing Board, or a Registered Nurse, who i

Mental Health Investigator Certificate

Certified mental health investigators investigate alleged mentally ill persons.

Mental Health Examiner Certificate

Certified mental health examiners examine alleged mentally ill persons going to a civil commitment hearing.

Community Mental Health Program Services Certificate

This Certificate is for those agencies that contract with the State or county to provide community mental health outpatient services.

Mental Health Services Certificate, Non-inpatient

This Certificate is given to those agencies providing mental health outpatient services that choose to be approved for insurance billing reasons.