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Limited Residential Electrician (LR)

Make electrical installations on one- and two-family or multifamily dwelling units, not exceeding three floors above grade. (Must work under the supervision, direction, and control of a general supervising electrician.)

General Journeyman Electrician (J)

Make any electrical installation under the supervision, direction and control of a general supervising electrician, unless doing work that requires the direction of a limited supervising electrician or doing work requiring supervision.

Limited Journeyman Manufacturing Plant Electrician (PJ)

Install, maintain, replace, and repair electrical wiring and electrical products on or in an existing operable manufacturing plant or industrial plant owned or used by employer. (Must work under the supervision, direction and control of a limited supervising electrician. If there is no supervising electrician, licensee is limited to repair and maintenance work.)

Apprentice Electrician, Limited Renewable Energy Technician

Apprentice electrician licenses are issued to individuals who are enrolled in registered apprenticeship or training programs approved by the Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council and the Oregon Electrical and Elevator Board. These programs provide occupational training that combines paid supervised on-the-job (OJT) experience with classroom instruction. Licensed limited renewable energy technicians install, maintain, finish, and remove renewable energy systems, including wind, sola

Electrician, Manufacturing Plant, Apprentice

This apprenticeship leads to the Limited Journeyman Manufacturing Plant Electrician license. Manufacturing plant electricians provide basic electrical maintenance on existing equipment in factories and industrial manufacturing facilities. They also install and wire electric motors and machinery of all sizes, and perform preventive maintenance on production and facilities equipment, initiate and modify electrical designs, and update electrical drawings.

Electrician, General Journeyman Apprentice (Inside)

This apprenticeship leads to the General Journeyman Electrician license. Inside electricians perform electrical installations, construction, maintenance, repair and service. They work on electrical construction projects ranging from single-family residences to state-of-the-art industrial plants. They install conduits and wire lighting, switches, converters, and complex computerized systems.

Electrician, Limited Residential Apprentice

This apprenticeship leads to the Electrician, Limited Residential (LR) license. Residential electricians work in all phases of the residential electrical construction and service industry. They do the electrical construction work on projects ranging from single-family residences to apartment complexes. Workers install wiring for power, lighting and specialized systems, such as telephone systems or sound and fire alarm, in all types of dwellings. They also perform repair and maintenance on exist

Electrician, Signmaker Apprentice

This is an apprenticeship for the sign fabricators craft and leads to the Limited Journeyman Sign Electrician license. Sign fabricators craft signs by hand from a variety of materials including metal, plastic and glass. Tools used include state-of-the-art equipment such as computerized numerical control (CNC) cutting machines and computer driven plotters, as well as traditional equipment such as hydraulic cranes for installations and repairs.

Electrician, Limited Maintenance Apprentice

This apprenticeship leads to the Limited Maintenance Electrician license. Limited maintenance electricians maintain, repair and replace electrical installations on the premises of industrial plants where the individual is employed, or on electrical systems that are less than 600 volts phase to phase on the premises of commercial office buildings or buildings occupied by the state or a local government entity where the individual is employed.

Electrician, Limited Energy Technician Class A (LEA) Apprentice

This apprenticeship leads to the Limited Energy Class A Technician license. Limited energy Class A technicians install, maintain, replace and repair electrical systems and equipment of under 100 volt-amperes, including protective signaling systems (fire alarm, nurse call, security), communications systems (data telecommunications, intercom and paging) and specialized control systems (HVAC, medical, boiler, clock and instrumentation).