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Oregon OSHA fines Bend construction company $103,438 for repeatedly violating fall protection requirement

The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA) has fined a Bend construction company $103,438 for repeatedly violating a requirement to provide protective systems to safeguard workers from fall hazards that could seriously injure or kill them.

The division cited Sky Ridge Construction LLC following an inspection that focused on a job site where work was being done on new houses. The inspection was conducted under Oregon OSHA’s prevention-based emphasis program addressing fall hazards in all industries.

The inspection found multiple employees working on a roof without fall protection. They were exposed to a potential fall of 18 feet to the ground. Sky Ridge Construction had violated a rule requiring employers to ensure that fall protection systems are provided, installed, and implemented where employees are exposed to a hazard of falling 6 feet or more to a lower level, according to the inspection.

During the inspection, the company corrected the violation identified by Oregon OSHA.

It was the third time since January 2022 that Sky Ridge Construction violated fall protection requirements. Because of the repeat offenses, the penalty for the violation was multiplied, with Oregon OSHA imposing a $103,438 penalty.

Falls are one of the leading causes of death in the construction industry.

“There is no good reason for an employer to direct employees to work at heights without ensuring fall protection systems are effectively used,” said Renée Stapleton, administrator for Oregon OSHA. “Any employer can get the job done safely by ensuring employees who are working at heights are protected. It’s not an option; it’s a requirement. Workers have a right to work safely, and employers must make that right a reality.”

Employers have 30 calendar days after receiving a citation to file an appeal.

In addition to its enforcement activities, Oregon OSHA offers employers free resources to help improve workplace safety and health. These resources include the division’s Fall Protection Suite of online video training courses and its A-to-Z topic page about fall protection. The Fall Protection Suite includes courses addressing fall protection fundamentals, construction, roofing, and ladder safety.

Employers are encouraged to use free resources – available now from Oregon OSHA and involving no fault, no citations, and no penalties – for help protecting their employees:

Consultation services – Provides free help with safety and health programs, including how to control and eliminate hazards, and hands-on training

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Technical staff – Helps employers understand requirements and how to apply them to their worksites

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