All Medical Imaging License Applications & Forms Last updated 09/16/2022

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License Fee Description Exemptions
$120.00 All Two (2) Year License Fees are $120.00. First time "Initial" applicants are directed to use our "Fee Calculator" on our website. None



Two Years.

Renewal Information

All Medical Imaging Renewal Applications are available at the following link, except for Limited Permit Holders:

Processing Time

Processing Time Description
1 Month Normal processing time for all "first time" applications is 30- working days. Application must be filled out completely, fingerprints must be completed, and all the required documentation and license fees must be included.

Prerequisites and Requirements



Required Documentation

The following documents are required when obtaining any type of Medical Imaging License: (1) Photo Identification (ID). (2) Photocopy of your registry card. (3) If you have had any type of past criminal history (whether the charges were dropped or dismissed) you must include the following: (A) A Copy of Police Report(s) for "each" arrest. (B) A Copy of Court Documents for "each" arrest. (C) A Signed and Dated Personal Letter of Explanation from you documenting dates, the location of your arrest(s), circumstances, and the penalty imposed on you. (4) The correct license fee amount figured from our "Fee Calculator" found on the front index page of our website.

Examination Information

Limited Permits Holders are required to take and pass an exam in each of the anatomical areas they wish to be licensed in before they can apply for a "Temporary" or "Permanent" permit.

Continuing Education Requirements

When renewing a two (2) year license, applicants are required to have completed Twenty-Four (24) hours of Continued Education for each of their modalities of which four (4) hours are required to be Radiation Use And Safety. You must be CE compliant with your registry. Proof of completition is required with all renewals.

Bonding Requirements


Insurance Requirements


Additional Information

Other Information

A fingerprint background check must be completed for all "first time" applicants. A Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS) check will be performed to verify criminal background statements on all OBMI license and/or permit renewals.

Statutes, Administrative Rules, Ordinances

Other Detail Information

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