Reciprocal Journeyman Plumber (JP) Last updated 11/04/2021

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License Fee Description Exemptions


Authorized to perform all plumbing installations, alterations, or remodels.


License renewal is every three years on April 1.

Renewal Information

A renewal notice will be mailed to the licensee approximately six weeks prior to the expiration of their license. Continuing Education (if necessary) and fees will be explained on the renewal form. Renewal fees vary by license type.

Duplicate License Requirements

If you lost your license or have changed your address and would like a replacement license, submit form 2523 from Building Codes website, along with appropriate $10 fee.

Processing Time

Processing Time Description
1 Week Incomplete applications may cause delays

Prerequisites and Requirements


(1) An equivalent or higher license from the reciprocal state that is current and active with no violations or conditions attached within the past three years;
(2) Qualified for the licensing exam in the reciprocal state through required work experience;
(3) Passed the licensing exam in the reciprocal state with a score of 75 percent or better;
(4) Worked a minimum of six months (1,000 hours) under the license from the reciprocal state;
(5) Not failed the Oregon licensing examination for the license type you are reciprocating within the past two years.

Required Documentation

(1) A two-inch by two-inch passport-style photo of yourself.
(2) A copy of your active license from the reciprocal state. You must include any violation history within the past three years.
(3) Completed license verification form (Page 3 of this application).
(4) The employment information below, which must include a minimum of six months (1,000 hours) work under the license from the reciprocal state.

Examination Information

No exam

Continuing Education Requirements

24 total required hours. For specific requirements go to

Bonding Requirements


Insurance Requirements


Additional Information

Other Information


Statutes, Administrative Rules, Ordinances

Other Detail Information

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