Hemp Grower, Handler and/or Wholesale Seed Registration Last updated 08/02/2022

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License Fee Description Exemptions
$250.00 Annual (expires Dec. 31st) registration to be a registered hemp grower *grow sites are additional fees None
$500.00 Annual (expires Dec. 31st) registration per grow site address *can have multiple production areas at one grow site address, must include a map for each production area None
$500.00 Annual (expires Dec. 31st) registration to produce or handle hemp seed *must have a current grower or handler registration on file for this registration to be valid None
$1,300.00 Annual (expires Dec. 31st) registration to be a hemp handler *application must include a completed LUCS form None


In addition to registrations for growing and handling hemp, a registration is needed for those wishing to produce or handle agricultural hemp seed. There also is the option for OLCC registered marijuana processors with hemp endorsements to register via reciprocity registration.


1 calendar year (expires Dec. 31st)

Renewal Information


Duplicate License Requirements


Processing Time

Processing Time Description
1 Month Processing times may vary with the number of applications received. (3-6 weeks can be typical)

Prerequisites and Requirements


If registering via reciprocity as a hemp handler, you must attach a copy of your marijuana processor’s license and hemp endorsement

Required Documentation

-Each production area must have an accompanying map for all growsite registrations.
-Each handler registration must be accompanied with a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) form.
-Each seed registration needs a valid grower or handler on file.
-If registering via reciprocity attach a copy of your marijuana processor’s license and hemp endorsement.

Examination Information


Continuing Education Requirements


Bonding Requirements


Insurance Requirements


Additional Information

Other Information

Statutes, Administrative Rules, Ordinances

Other Detail Information

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