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Lobbyist Client / Employer Details


Client / Employer Name Altria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates
Title Managing Director
Name Dan Smith
Address 1415 L Street Suite 1150
City, State, Zip Code Sacramento CA, 95814
Phone (916) 583-9300
Role Lobbyist Client / Employer
Legislative Interests Tobacco-Related Issues for Altria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates -- Philip Morris USA Inc., John Middleton Co., and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co.
Total Expended $1,126,476.81

Legislative Assembly Members
Last Name First Name
No Data to Report

Lobbyist Registrations
Lobbyist Last Name Lobbyist First Name Registration Date Termination Date
Miller Shawn 02/14/2017 06/30/2017
Van Nieuwburg Rick 12/18/2015
Van Nieuwburg Rick 12/31/2017
Van Nieuwburg Rick 12/31/2019 06/30/2020
GARDNER JAMES 12/17/2015
GARDNER JAMES 12/31/2017
GARDNER JAMES 12/31/2019
GARDNER LYNDA 12/17/2015
GARDNER LYNDA 12/31/2017
GARDNER LYNDA 12/31/2019
Oxley Gary 12/30/2015
Oxley Gary 01/08/2018
Oxley Gary 12/31/2019
Andries Evyan 01/07/2016
Andries Evyan 01/08/2018
Andries Evyan 12/31/2019
Lee Courtney 01/07/2016
Lee Courtney 01/08/2018
Lee Courtney 12/31/2019
Carter Margaret 03/20/2017 07/10/2017
Dow Colette 03/21/2017
Dow Colette
Dow Colette 01/16/2018
Bice Jordan 08/02/2018
Bice Jordan 12/31/2019
Outstanding Penalties
Year Quarter Total Amount Due Date Due
No Data to Report